Q1 : …Hi. I would like to know my fate for this year. I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thank you…
Maintain in low profile, try not to involve in long distance travels if avoidable. Promotion, if any, let it come naturally but do not try to “fight” for it. Take care of health, an old illness might return. Try not to be involved in any uncertain circumstances (do not gamble!), think twice before making any big moves. First 2 quaters of the year, apart from March, should be OK. Luck will begin to decline after mid year.
Q2 : Thank you very much for your earlier reply. I’ve just found a job in a petroluem industry and will start work on soon. Could you advise me if it is wise to be in this industry (water related). Thanks a lot once again and also, I’m married to a guy who was born on xxth December 19XX in the morning, are we compatible?
One job is as good as another. No job is perfect. It is a blessing that you have a job. Marriage put together two peoples’ living style into one. Compatibility will base on how you value it. Your husband may run into some form of trouble with higher authority this year, could be the law (may be traffic offences) or with superior at the office. Avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts with anybody whether in big or small matters. Things should be alright from then.
Q3 : Can you advice names for newborns? How much would it cost? Is there a ceremony?
For Chinese names only. The fee is S$188.00 per name. No special ceremony is necessary, just send me the baby’s date & time of birth, sex, place of birth, names and dates of birth of both parents. Also all names of immediate relatives (dates of birth are not necessary). Please e-mail: cplim@geomancer.net
Q4 : What is “Kong Teck” (a local dialect)? What benefit would it bring to the decease?
Traditionally, it is believed that if a person died peacefully, which means not in pain or death caused by fatal accident, the moment is considered as an auspicious one. The “Hell Guards” that come to fetch him/her away are believed to be those gentle ones.
What is Kong-Teck?…
“Kong-Teck” or in mandarin “Gong-De” refers to providing the decease with a preparation for his next life or new life to be. Hence, people tends to spend the biggest sum of money on the 49th-day ceremony to ensure “bringing” with him/her the very best from the living world. For example, burning the best quality hell notes, the biggest paper house that the family can afford in order to give him/her a good living location or environment in the new life, other items such as television, car etc…etc…
“Money” for the Hell Guards …
Burning the hell notes or “Jin Zhi” and “Yin Zhi” (the silver and gold notes) are meant for the Hell-Guards’ travelling expenses whom will be taking the decease to the new destiny. If it is acceptable and to their satisfactions, then, they will take the decease through a better or smoother journey, otherwise, they might take him through the rough routes even going through bad weather. The rough journey may resulted the decease to end up an unhealthy person in the next life, this is because the journey to the new destiny might have shocked him too much or making him catch a cold during the journey. ‘Kong-De’ is also meant to ensure the new life an auspicious or a prosperous one.
49 days of praying and chanting …
The various ceremonies during the 49 days will help to clear all depths and ill happenings in the life of the decease, hence, it is believed that the decease will go to his/her new life as a complete new person. Some people like to engage high rank and costly Monks or Taoist Masters to chant the best sutra or prayer, it’s like engaging the most reputable lawyer whom is believed to be able to convince or influence the judge better, and will receive a better judgement. In the case for the death, it will be the hell-judge (Yan-Lo-Wang or The King of Hell).
There are endless stories, but the most important is to go to the 49th-day ceremony with a pleasant, peaceful and happy mood. Do not attempt to tell the decease happenings during the 49 days when he/she was away (died), it is no more necessary. Never ever tell the decease that he/she was ill (if any) or any incomplete matters that involve him/her. Wish him all the best like we also do to the livings. So much for now, all the best.

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