GhostsFestival 中元节

     The Ghosts Festival is a tradition to make offerings to the “Hungry Ghosts” during the 7th lunar month. It is believe that the hell gate will open during this period for the ghosts in hell to have some form of vacation visiting the human environment. They will be released for a period of 30 days. It is also known as the “Hungry Ghosts Festival” or the “7th Month” Festival.
During the festival, temples and household will set up temporary praying points at an open field in the community to pray to the ghosts. A small sum of money is collected from each household to purchase fresh, dry or canned foods. There are also simulated electrical appliances, cars, televisions, games, toys etc… Most of these items are made of paper, they will be burnt with some hell money notes and paper coins at the end of the session hoping that the ghosts will received. Edible food stuffs will be given to the fund contributors for good luck and good fortune.

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