Proper orders is the beginning of good fengshui …

Sometimes I have been plummeted with questions on what is good fengshui, so here I will try to explain it in layman terms to my knowledge. What I know is what I have experienced and listened through years of lectures I have been to and from accompanying my dad (Master CPLim) during consultations… here are a few basic check points to note before you consult a master :
Theres nothing mystical about fengshui (not magic or some kind of religion or tribal charm). Fengshui is just an art of living. How people find it most comfortable to design their dwellings that will make them most productive physiologically and physically.
So the bottom line: fengshui is natural living and finding the best solution to suit the people living in the place.
* just a note: after the basics physical layout of what we know about fengshui, I have experienced a spiritual stage where the unexplained intersects with fengshui, on that part, we will not try to dwell as it requires more research and gets complicated.
1) Clutter Free – this is really really and I mean REALLY important!! Clear up your place, if your place looks like a dump with loads of unnecessary things all over the place, volia! you have failed the first step of fengshui (this is what masters would say as the obstruction of and messy QI). QI can be interpreted as the energy in the atmosphere. This has to be balanced between Sound, Visual, Smell, Senses all contribute to this.
So clear up the mess!! store away items you don’t use. Invest in a cabinet, sell off on ebay or gumtree online sites; donate it, whatever you do, don’t let it clutter around.
Storage Boxes! good for the short term but they should not be there for long, try to get rid of them as you go long. Less clutter = less things to worry about and less mental pressure = better lifestyle and you can concentrate on what you need to do. Keep it simple, what you need should be there within reach and organized. That way there will be structure in ones life.
2) Clean neutral bedroom – this is where you spend 30% of your life, so for heavens sake! keep it absolute noise free, clutter free, visitor free, damp free, it should and must be the most relaxing space in your house (unless you like to rock and roll in your room).
Get a good strong firm bed with no obstructions around you like low celling fans or bulky furniture. Keep the colour of the wall soothing, neutral and try to use warm colour lightings. Avoid putting too many electrical devices in the bedroom or too near the bedroom, lots of natural sunlight should access the room during day break (most ideal).
Remember! stress free environment is important!
3) Filing and Documents – keep everything in your life simple, make sure you file your bills, letters, correspondents, invoices etc. in proper order and of easy access, make it simple so you do not have to spend ages seeking for information. Frustration and confusion leads to an unorganized self and this will tend to provoke and promote personal misjudgments.
4) Making it simply simple – bank accounts and insurances etc, consolidate and make them easy to handle. Make sure you are not paying for anything which you may not need or is no longer using.
5) Getting ready – when you feel that everything is in good order, then you may start working on the principle side of fengshui to promote Health, Literature, Wealth and Fortune…

Hunting for a Home 寻找完美家

Looking for a home can be a labourious task. So whats involved for one to find the home i am suitable in. Lots of people consult the Feng Shui practitioner after they have purchased their dream home. I can say this is most likely the case, but infact there is more to just renovating and changing the interiors. Location and environment also play a part in the feng shui of your home. External environments affect internal environments. Its from big to small.

Firstly, avoid noisy busy streets. Large buildings in the surroundings.

Secondly, try to have a balance of greenery and water for example, gardens, parks and rivers. Moving water is most ideal. Thus a river is more ideal than a lake.

Thirdly, is the four celestial elements surrounding the home. Left (Green Dragon), Right (White Tiger), Front (Red Sparrow), Rear (Black Tortoise). Some others refer to these with other names like azure, maroon, dark pink, etc. Whatever, I prefer simplicity, not complication or big words. In this case, you will know what you should be looking for. There is too much to learn and teach, so lets make this knowledge simple so we can progress further.

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