Wind&Fengshui 风与风水

The Energy from Wind…

Feng Shui in western terminology is translated as Geomancy; this is a direct translation from its Chinese origin as “Feng” means “Wind” and “Shui” means “Water”. Feng Shui in its latest context is described as “fengshui” in one single word.

Wind and water are two major forces since the existence of upright apes. In the many millions of years of human existence, the power of these two sources had brought about the continuity of survivors on earth, at the same time, many destructions too. However, modern fengshui applications tends to forcus on the auspicious factors but overlooks the defects that they may cause.

Since the 8-period force in early 2004, we have experienced the most devastating incidence created by both wind and water. The 8-period force will be until 2023, does this means that we are going to encounter with endless wind and water disasters? Well, I describe this as the 3W-period, that is Wind, Water and Worries, would this be “endless”? I cannot be sure but most certainly it will not be good.

Cosmic Wind, Earth Wind and Contour Wind are three types of wind that affect earth surface directly. Cosmic Wind travels in this universe around outer space between the planets causing a form of cosmic pressures. Some of the cosmic winds actually come into the earth atmosphere sweeping over earth surface, this action creates turbulence, hurricanes and thunderstorms on earth. Earth Wind occurs from earth revolving actions and the expansion of air pressure, when either energy comes into contact with earth surface forms such as mountain contours or tall buildings, it creates a landform Wind known as Contour Wind.

Different types of wind enter earth surface forming breeze and air circulation in different speed. Thus, it is the unknown speed of air pressure that will determine the auspicious energy created by wind. In basic fengshui applications, wind energy created by air pressure is referred to as “Air energy” or more commonly means “Qi”. In the 8-trigram (Ba-gua) directions, Qi is classified into various auspicious and inauspicious sectors. This is further classified into the relationship with  inhabitants of the building to decide whether the building has good or bad fengshui.

The Element of Fengshui…

The basic element of good fengshui is air, natural sunlight and water. It is with the existence of these elements that other fengshui principles such as compass references and the environmental factors can then be considered. In this instance, air refers to the wind flows within the building, hence, the existence of wind flows becomes an important factor in all environment. There are distinctive differences between wind flows and the energy forces. When wind flows are too strong within the inner section of a building, the auspicious energy could be dispersed and turned into negative energy.

Wind flow energy is not based on compass indications, it is based on the visible factors of both inner space and the external landforms structures. In fengshui principles, this refers to the energy forces indicated in the 8-Trigram (ba-gua八卦).  Wind flow energy creates negative forces in  environment with large and tall buildings, they will generate magnetic forces from the building itself and strong landforms wind from the gaps between them. In fengshui, the gap between a group of tall buildings is known as the Heavenly Slayer 天斩煞. Vertical structures such as tall buildings, monuments or large landmarks can commonly be seen in modern cities. They appears vertically like a pencil, as such is known as the Pencil Slayer 天笔煞.  When landforms wind flows through these buildings, negative forces are created in both Heavenly and Pencil Slayers causing negative fengshui energies. Hence, when these slayers can be seen through any window within visible range, they are considered as inauspicious to the entire area.

Other wind flow energy that causes negative forces are those travel through long and narrow passages between rooms. This type of wind flow will disperse the auspicious energy predetermined by compass indications. When straight wind flows from an inauspicious zone   going into an auspicious zone, it brings inauspicious energies turning the area into a negative environment. This situation can be prevented by placing vertical screens to block the direction where the wind approaches, this will create a diversion to detour the flow. However, in the case of long and narrow corridor with limited space to set the screens, the wall of one of the room may be removed to create an opening along the corridor; the selected opening section must be determined by compass with the 8-Trigram (ba-gua 八卦) references. Vertical screens may also be placed to block bedroom or toilet doors facing directly at each other or the bed.

All buildings require sufficient wind flow to maintain auspicious energy fields. This includes proper positioning between rooms and their relations with external energy to achieve good fengshui settings.

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