“DeJiao” may be referred as the Religion for Moralism. Worshiping the teaching of LaoZi, whom created the legendary Tao-De-Jin 道德经 which has been the fundamental guideline for the development of Chinese custom, believes and culture. “Tao” eventually developed into Taoism religion 道教 and “De” became the religion for Moralism 德教. DeJiao worship the equality of all mankind, hence, believe that the major religions are also equal. As such, DeJiao temple usually comprises 5 main religions including the portrait of LaoZi (Taoism 道教), Buddha (Buddhism 佛教), Jesus Christ (Christian 基督教), Prophet Mohammad (Muslim 回教) and Confucius (孔教). Originated from Kuang-Dong province in China in 1939. Today, this religion had spread all over the world with worshipers from both the East and West.

The most distinctive characteristic of DeJiao is the spiritual affinity between the worshippers and the deities. This is perform through the spiritual scripts transcribed in a sandbank 沙盘 or in some cases the sand is replaced with oil. The instruction given by the deities shown in the sandbank is then translated onto paper by a spiritual scripts reader.

The temple was built with the instruction given by the legendary fengshui deity Grand Master Yang-YunSong through the sandbank scripts. He had also included the selection of the location for the temple. It is mystical but had shown the power of Theological fengshui applications.

Sandbank scripts 师尊传圣旨所用的沙盘…Some use oil 也有用油底的…

The hill behind the temple 靠山朝海,龙虎双全

The main altars 紫善阁大殿

Land form around is the shape of crab, hence, red colour is not used.

Calligraphy written by the Deity. References granted by Yang-YunSong


A large rock found on the white tiger side. 镇山吉祥神 – 石敢当

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