Dragon Mansion 祥龙居

重建祥龙居… Dragon Mansion rebuild
祥龙居位于沙巴州,根地咬镇。此工程为重建一所约25年的旧屋。因屋主属龙,名字中又有“祥”字,又因屋子位于乡区,没有门牌号码,故称“祥龙居”。Dragon Mansion is situated in Keningau, Sabah, approx. 120 kilometer from Mount Kota Kinabalu. The owner of this apartment was born in the year of dragon, hence, the intended new building is named “Dragon Mansion 祥龙居”. The project is to demolish the existing building and reconstruct a new purpose build apartment.

开工祭拜仪式… The Religious ritual
屋向只偏约15度就对着一所回教堂,又距离两道街并间隔数排建筑物,因此,并无大碍。A mosque can be seen within visible distance from the front of the building, as it is located approximately 15 degree off the central point of compass fields, the house does not interfere with religious building concerns in normal fengshui practice. However, in theological fengshui practice, as it is a Muslim mosque, the common practice is to ensure proper religious offering ritual of DatoKong deity on ground breaking day and all cultural festive days.

The  original site …

Praying the DatoKong (Earth Deity 拿督公) and the 5-direction-spirits 五方神灵 for blessing during commencement of building work is a common practice. DatoGong is a Malay origin deity, as such, it is important that everybody attending the ritual must not consume pork from morning until after the ritual and away from the site. 
Taoists incense is burned everyday at the building site in the 5 incense burners as shown in the picture below.
八个月重建祥龙居… approximately 8 months to complete …

宅门 The main entrance

安宅门九龙局 9-Dragon setting ritual at the main door

安青龙方 Setting the Green Dragon at green dragon side

Sky shows mystical lights during the dragon setting ritual

Ensure auspicious setting of bed, stove and the dinning table

入宅祭拜祈福 Spiritual blessings on the move-in day
Praying for heavenly blessings 拜天公                  The earth deity 谢地主

DatoGong blessings 拜拿督公           The holy spirits outside 宅外善灵

客厅 The Main hall

镇宅吉祥局 Auspicious point of spirit

灯光效果 Lighting effects

贵气祈福 blessings

入新宅第一餐宜丰富 The first meal at the new apartment…
It is a practice that the first meal at the new building consists of auspicious menu such as 5-element (5 color) vegetables 五色菜, lamb stew for auspicious (羊者祥也),seafood stew 佛跳墙, lobsters 龙虾 etc… 等等…
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