HDB Design组屋风水

 The Art of CPLim 林质彬作品
I stood at the entrance of the apartment and I thought this is going to be another challenge!
Space in a preset HDB (Housing Development Board) apartment in Singapore is not easy to be rearranged; in most cases, restructuring of any space requires the consent of the authority.
The hall section is exposed from the entrance to the wall at the opposite end. As this will cause a straight flow of negative energy field. A partition to divert the flow is built at approximately 4 metre from the main entrance …

Old ………………………………………………… New

New Entrance …

New Partitions …
5 teapots at the top section signified 5 prosperous energies as teapot has a large income and with small outgoing spout,
this represents enter with larger wealth and with smaller outgoing wealth.

16 small squares with 8 mounted with clear glass and the 8 beneath with smoke glass, this represent 8 positive and 8 negative energy-wells that balance the Yin and Yang forces from the main entrance.

A mirror is set on the left side and a vase is placed on the right side. Mirror in Chinese language has the same pronunciation as “Quietness” and the Vase is “Peace”. This setting is designed to receive auspicious and peaceful energies form the main entrance.

Underneath the table, there are 8 pieces of maroon colour tiles, this represents auspicious ground energies from 8 directions.

The partition is divided into 3 section, the top section representing the “Heaven zone” which is occupied by the teapots, the middle section is the “Man Zone” where the 16 windows are situated. This represents the many eyes of human factors. The 3rd section is the “Earth zone” where auspicious energies from eight directions (North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast) enter.

New Bedroom entrance…

Study room …

Dining …

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