Prestige Villa 五福城吉宅

五福城市风水吉宅 – The Art of CPLim 林质彬作品
The Sutera-One Apartment, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

 “Sutera-One” prestige apartment is located at the Southwestern side of Johor State in Malaysia. The project was developed by the Tanah Sutera Development. Master CPLim was invited as the consultant on Feng Shui and modern environmental design. He was also engaged to design one of the showhouses interior and fixture using Feng Shui principles…

The Exterior

The 8-Immortals… Based on the Chinese folklore “The 8-Immortals Crossing the Eastern Ocean”, the front section is designed with 8 long glazed wooden framed windows to symbolize the 8-Immortals at the same time resembling longevity blessing.

Longevity … In Chinese, “Long” and “Thin” have the same sound with Longevity. 3 ceiling lights are placed in the front to achieve 3 & 8 numerical element which in the 5-Elements represent “Wood”, this would add energy to the 8 glazed windows.

The Interior
I-Ching Logics … The interior is designed mainly with I-Ching numerical logic, 5-Elements and Oriental Cultural Folklore. Number 3 and 6 are used most frequently as these numbers stand for harmony, blessing, rising, coherence and imperialism in I-Ching numerical logic.

The 8-Trigrams Logics … With references from “QianGua and KunQua (heaven and earth)” of the 8-Trigrams (Chinese BaGua) principles for this apartment, “Qian” stands for heaven, its auspicious numbers are 1 and 6. Within the “QianGua” environment, there are two other hidden aupiscious numbers which are 7and 9.

The Numerical Logics … 9 can also be seen in some of the areas in this apartment, such as the 99 long strips of wood at the master bedroom bed-head section; it stands for “Forever and ever” with 100 white colour square boxes bonded together and attached to the 99 strips stand for “100 years of bonding harmony and blessings” …

The I-Ching Colour & Geomatrical Logics … The main colour schemes are yellow and white. Yellow colour in “KunQua” refers to earth, its geometical form is square. The white colour refers to the “QianQua” means the heaven, its geometrical form is round or circular forms.

The Heavenly Blessings … The apartment is set with the heavenly and earthy blessings, area wherever square form is seen a circular form can also be found nearby, such as the patterns on most furniture doors where the tops are round, the bottoms are generally square. In the living hall where a square window appears in the wall, a circular floor corner on the level above can be seen from the living hall wall window.

Enter the Dragon …

The 8-Period Force … The white and yellow overall colour schemes are also related to the 8-period universal forces that entered the earth plain earlier this year. With this auspicious setting, the good fate for this apartment (with the coordination of good character of the owner) will run for the next 20 years until year 2023.

The Decor Lighting

Main Hall and Dining

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