The Tiger Mansion 寅居

 The Art of CPLim 林质彬作品
Taman Sutera, Johor Bahru – 新山五福城市

My house at Taman SuteraThe Tiger Mansion 寅居

The frontage has the look of a tiger face … 寅居的前面有虎相造型
In mid 2002, I came to a small suburban zone in western Johor Bahru, it was a casual journey with no specific purpose. I visited some new roof top garden houses at Taman Sutera. The Roof top garden house was built with a complete open space at the top level known as “Roof-top Garden dwelling”. Thus, there was no standard triangular type roof on top of the house… 2 weeks later I decided to purchase one of the mid terrace units and moved into this new mansion in December 2002, I name this new house “The Tiger Mansion 寅居”…

I met one of my students who was a landscape designer, his advice was to cover the complete roof top with carpet grass and design it into an open air roof top garden … but I did not think that it is a good idea, as the living do not live beneath grass or plants … 活人不宜居于草地下…

The middle section of the roof top is designed with a golden crown metal grill. This is to avoid the sinking middle section with 2 shoulders like wall section protruding upwards making them higher than the sinking middle section. The crown grill represents the Chinese word “” which means “king“. The word was derived from the pattern at the forehead of a tiger. “王”字来自虎额的纹.

12 boxed windows representing the left hand fingers and palm, the main door is the thumb, the low wall divider in front of the main door is an elbow blocking 2 pillars and the main door of the house opposite, these combinations form the defending stunt of TaiJi …

Taller plants on the Dragon side, lower plants at the Tiger side …

The Interior 宅内Hall

The Interior 宅内Kitchen & Dining 厨房与饭厅

The Interior 宅内Bedrooms 卧房

Tiger Mansion Stairs 寅居梯的设计

Tiger Mansion Roof-top 寅居空中花园

9 Dragons signatures 九龙壁

Tao Ornament settings at Tiger Mansion

钟馗师尊威震圣相 – 五月初五端午节绘

The Main Auspicious Settings 吉祥局

Rooster & hen + the Rocks…This combination is set near the main door to avoid negative forces from entering the house. 雄马取阳气双鸡来驱蛊.

The Horse…This section of the Mansion is located in the South, as such the Horse represents the positive energies of the South, it also enriches the fire element at this location.

3 Purple Flowers represent day break when all flowers are at their best bloom, hence creates strong positive energies to bring harmony to the Mansion.

Number 3 in Chinese refers to prosperity and harmony. Purple stands for Flying Star 9. There are a few other hidden numbers 1,6, and 7 within the Purple 9. These numbers possess various degrees of Yang energies, thus, are able to generate different levels of energy at specific time. The Yin energies in this combination are hidden forces with numbers 3 and 8. All holding forces from the South and Northwest and the hidden Eastern and Northeastern directions.

Above the flowers on the second level is the master bedroom which is also painted with the combination of purple and white colour for the same reason. Both purple and white possess the same Northwestern energy.

The Glass Vase has a series of glass wave patterns, this represents water to prosper the flower, in return enhances prosperity in the Tiger Mansion.

The Prosperity Settings 招财局 

1 Mother Pig with 6 Piglets, 1 & 6 in numerical element are water; pig is also related to water element, this combination is set for prosperity fortune and good fate.

Dog in fengshui means good fate, it has the power to generate fortune.

Tiger save guards good fortune & fate; hence, in this setting, tiger becomes the main ruler controling the fortune and auspicious fate in the mansion.

Charcoals in fengshui term are known as “Black Gold”. They have the ability to absorb moist, as such they are treated as able to absorb good fate and prosperity. In this setting, the charcoal is the main element to attract wealth and generate prosperity energies.

The Purple Crystal fortune 紫水晶镇财局
琉璃磁场 Emerald Crystal Energy…. 镇财气 The Prosperity Energy …
Purple Crystal enhances wealth, health and prosperity energies. 

The Wealth Energy Fans 福镇气图

The Fan paintings, in limited numbers, were created on lunar calendar 5th day of May. The fan energy has the power to maintain steadiness of wealth and fortune in order to prevent mishaps.

Other Auspicious Settings 吉祥局

Birth signs and TaiSui 十二生肖太岁阵

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