The “Book of Changes” 易经 known in chinese mandarin as “I-Ching” (Wade-Giles) and “Yi Jing” (Pin Yin). It is the oldest surviving text (2800BCE) which is the foundation of the balance between positive and negative forces. Yi Jing  has a set of symbols that classifies different level of changes. It survived for over thousands of years in the oriental culture and influenced some religions including Buddhism.Yi Jing uses two main symbols consists of a continuous line known as the “阳 Yang Stoke / Positive Stoke —” and a broken line known as the “阴 Yin Stroke / Negative Stroke — —”. This is comparable to the I and O binary in modern day electronics and computers.
In modern day, Yi Jing is the foundation for prediction, feng shui, and tactical philosophies such as art of war. At different stages of history, many philosophers including Confucius added their interpretations of Yi Jing and most current publications include all the different versions. The original text is said to be no more than 20 pages.
There are lots of online references for Yi Ching. Personally I am a casual religious believer of Shen Dao (for its cultural value) and practise Taoist Philosophy. I use Yi Jing as prayers to Guan Gong.
The 8 trigrams

  • Qian2 乾 – heaven.father
  • Kun1 坤 – earth.mother
  • Zhen4 震 – thunder.elder brother
  • Gen4 艮 – mountain. little brother
  • Li2 离 – fire.middle sister
  • Kan3 坎 – water. middle brother
  • Dui4 兑 – lake. little sister
  • Xun4 巽 – wind. elder sister. Wood

Pronunciation of Yi Jing’s Trigrams and 64 hexagrams (易经正统发音)
乾宫卦 Qian2

  • 乾为天 乾上乾下 Tian1
  • 天风姤 乾上巽下 Gou4
  • 天山遯 乾上艮下 Dun4
  • 天地否 乾上坤下 Bi3
  • 风地观 巽上坤下 Guan4
  • 山地剥 艮上坤下 Bo1
  • 火地晋 离上坤下 Jin4
  • 火天大有 离上乾下 Da4 You3

坎宫卦 Kan3

  • 坎为水 坎上坎下 Shui3
  • 水泽节 坎上兑下 Jie2
  • 水雷屯 坎上震下 Jun1
  • 水火即济 坎上离下 Ji4 Ji4
  • 泽火革 兑上离下 Ge2
  • 雷火丰 震上离下 Feng1
  • 地火明夷 坤上离下 Ming2 Yi2
  • 地水师 坤下坎上 Shi1

艮宫卦 Gen4

  • 艮为山 艮上艮下 Shan1
  • 山火贲 离上艮下 Bi4
  • 山天大畜 艮上乾下 Da4 Chu4
  • 山泽损 艮上兑下 Sun3
  • 火泽睽 离上兑下 Kui2
  • 天泽履 乾上兑下 Lv3
  • 风泽中孚 巽上兑下 Zhong1 Fu2
  • 风山渐 巽上艮下 Jian4

震宫卦 Zhen4

  • 震为雷 震上震下 Lei2
  • 雷地豫 震上坤下 Yu4
  • 雷水解 震上坎下 Xie4
  • 雷风恒 震上巽下 Heng2
  • 地风升 坤上巽下 Sheng1
  • 水风井 坎上巽下 Jing3
  • 泽风大过 兑上巽下 Da4 Guo4
  • 泽雷随 兑上震下 Sui2

巽宫卦 Xun4

  • 巽为风 巽上巽下 Feng1
  • 风天小畜 巽上乾下 Xiao3 Chu4
  • 风火家人 巽上离下 Jia1 Ren2
  • 风雷益 巽上震下 Yi4
  • 天雷无妄 乾上震下 Wu2 Wang4
  • 火雷噬嗑 离上震下 Shi4 He2
  • 山雷颐 艮上震下 Yu4
  • 山风蛊 艮上巽下 Gu3

离宫卦 Li2

  • 离为火 离上离下 Huo3
  • 火山旅 离上艮下 Lv3
  • 火风鼎 离上巽下 Ding3
  • 火水未济 离上坎下 Wei4 Ji2
  • 山水蒙 艮上坎下 Meng2
  • 风水涣 巽上坎下 Huan4
  • 天水讼 乾上巽下 Song4
  • 天火同人 乾上离下 Tong2 Ren2

坤宫卦 Kun1

  • 坤为地 坤上坤下 Di4
  • 地雷復 坤上震下 Fu4
  • 地泽临 坤上兑下 Lin2
  • 地天泰 坤上乾下 Tai4
  • 雷天大壮 震上乾下 Da4 Zhuang4
  • 泽天夬 兑上乾下 Guai4
  • 水天需 坎上乾下 Xu1
  • 水地比 坎上坤下 Bi4

兑宫卦 Du4

  • 兑为泽 兑上兑下 Ze2
  • 泽水困 兑上坎下 Kun4
  • 泽地萃 兑上坤下 Cui4
  • 泽山咸 兑上艮下 Xian2
  • 水山蹇 坎上艮下 Jian3
  • 地山谦 坤上艮下 Qian1
  • 雷山小过 震上艮下 Xiao3 Guo4
  • 雷泽归妹 震上兑下 Gui1 Mei4


  • 乾坤屯蒙需讼师 Qian2 Kun1 Zun1 Meng2 Xu1 Song3 Shi1
  • 比小畜兮復泰否 Bi4 Xiao3 Chu4 Xi1 Fu4 Tai4 Pi3
  • 同人大有谦豫随 Tong2 Ren2 Da4 You3 Qian1 Yu4 Sui2
  • 蛊临观兮噬嗑贲 Gu3 Lin2 Guan4 Xi1 Shi4 He2 Bi4
Jing 井 – “Well”, 48 卦, 求贤若渴

a well needs constant use, otherwise it will be stagnant. Well is the source of water and also the source of life. Water above and Wind (signified by wood as wood can detect wind as it sways). When water is above wood, water is taken out of the well.

株高正 – 易经白话例解
林质彬 – http://www.geomancer.net

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