Ruan Tou Feng Shui

Feng Shui (geomancy) , prediction is classed by lots as a myth, superstition, or religion. As learners, we have to analyse this in a reasonable way. Predictions are focusing on the balance of human focus and patterns. Predictions such as I-Ching (yi4 jing1) are meant to allow human minds to focus on a matter. When people are given too much options, they flip a coin, giving 2 possibilities; Predictions gives you a coin with 64 possibilities. The rest is up to the person. Patterns here is important. Human life is a pattern, and over a period of years, we repeat what we do without noticing. This pattern was recorded and in ancient scripts, this pattern was associated with the phase of the moon. Thus allowing the word fate to form. Scientifically, we will mention this as a pattern. This phase pattern is acknowledge to affect moods, bodily functions, which affects decisions. Feng Shui on the other hand uses nature as a basis of enhancing human living spaces. It emphasises on the position of the living spaces taking in considerations of the air, environment and even cosmic positions. It bases on the fact that if a person is living well, he/she will be able to perform well in whatever he/she is doing. This is a basic introduction. So when you tell people you are interested in this science, and they say they do not believe or think this is superstition. Let them know what it is scientific.
Bridging Basic and Simplicity
Feng Shui or Harmony as people know it is a method to organise the harmonise our dwellings with us. A persons environment, reflects on our thoughts and vice-versa. Messy homes means a messy mind. and you can observe that after some time, it will be the start of conflicts as stress grows within the house. These stress is created by visual impact of mess, audible impact of road noises, scent impact of rotting food or rubbish, touch impact of moisture.. etc. All affecting our comfort zone.
Tao Philosophy believes that all matter, like human beings have life. even spaces have living energy fields in it. all matter emit such energy which in a lot of texts refer to as 气 Qi. By grouping together clusters of energy we can form bigger energy groups which we can utilised to direct and organise our lifestyle spaces.
To harmonise is to reduce such impacts. Our first steps.
Clear out unused stuff. (buy it/get it when you need it.) somethings you do not have to prepare for the future,  avoid making it a burden to your home. Space is vital for very living person in the home. This goes for personal spaces.
Sunlight and Air. Make sure you have abundance of it. Air hidden cupboards or cabinets every now and then.
Sound purification. Use harmonious sounds like, rain music, chants, or classical music, piano pieces of Chopin. It does not have to be loud. Simple playing of it will drown out inaudible static sounds that also affects us.
Designate spaces. Study area, rest area, dining, visitor, sleeping quarters. Do not try to overlap the areas. Try to give each area a special space and make it tidy.
Minor Repairs. takeout unnecessary nails/screws in the walls and avoid putting too much. if you must, use tape on hooks instead. Plaster out broken tiles or cracks in the wall and recoat weathered wall paints.
Try these steps and you can feel the difference. You do not need some high costing advisers or feng shui practitioners to feel the difference of what the above steps can make. If you feel stressed or unwell, research have shown, that its just source is around you and you can fix it. If you have a pain in your body, you can find the cause hidden in your home.
Next we can discuss using simple 八宅 (Ba Zhai) method of finding energy areas which are captured in your home.

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